Bannish Lumber Inc.

632 Route 20

Chester, MA 01011

Phone 413-354-2279


Rough Lumber


All of our lumber is produced from locally managed timber, and sawn on high precision band saws, right in the foothills of Chester Massachusetts.

Rough Lumber

Exceptional quality band sawn lumber in flat sawn and quarter/rift sawn cuts.  Perfect for the discriminating woodworker or customer.

Since 1932

Bannish Lumber has now been in operation for three generations, producing expeptional quality band sawn Northeastern hardwoods.

We are farmers.

We work with local land owners and carefully cut only select trees, leaving some of the best to produce healthy offspring for our next harvest. A typical crop takes between 15 and 25 years between cuttings.


Our local woods include Red Oak, White Oak, Black and Yellow Birch, Beech, Hard and Soft Maple, Cherry, Ash and Wide White Pine.  We excel at producing quarter/rift sawn lumber or specialty widths and do so with consciousness and care



632 Route 20

Chester, MA 01011