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Chester, MA 01011

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Take home the warm touch of New England hardwoods...”

Some Current Specials:

420 square feet of 4” face Red Oak with mineral throughout for $1465.80

134 square feet of 3”,4”,5” face Rustic natural Birch for $475.70

505 square feet of 3” face natural Ash with minor milling marks $1540.25

168 square feet of 2-1/2” face Red Oak (clearance) $495.60

267 square feet of 6-1/2” face Red Oak $1401.75
505 square feet 3” face very rustic White Oak $1542.37

Minimum 500 square foot order of 2-1/4” Cherry for only $4.45 per square foot! WOW

We stock thousands of feet in our climate controlled warehouse.  Please allow us time to gather your order together, as every piece is inspected before packaging. 

Please call for current prices.

Thanks, we look forward to speaking with you!

Our flooring production checklist:

  1. We dry our lumber down to 6-8 percent moisture content

  2. Jointed on the top and bottom face for accelerated workability

  3. Straight line ripped (glue line ripped), both sides, to precisely straighten each piece

  4. All faces milled in one pass in the same machine for superior accuracy

  5. Each piece is stressed back relieved

  6. Widths available are 2 1/4", 3", 4", 5", 6", and in some cases 7” thru 12”

  7. Thickness is 3/4 inch

  8. Stored in a climate controlled warehouse to maintain the lumbers dryness

  9. Lengths from 4 foot to 16 foot

  10. Each and every piece is looked at before it is tallied into your order

  11. Every order is put up as if it were going in our own home

  12. All lumber comes from managed forest land within about a 30 mile radius of our sawmill

632 Route 20

Chester, MA 01011